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Juveniles Active in Science & Technology (JASTECH) Development Services, Inc. is a not-for-profit, 501 (c) (3) PA Corporation, developed in 1998, with a mission to encourage the conservation of the built & natural environments; to improve public health and to encourage personal enrichment. In 2001, JASTECH began project-based learning programs at Overbrook High School in West Philadelphia.

In 2002, JASTECH received a PA Growing Greener grant to write an environmental education curriculum called the “Overbrook Environmental Education Center” (OEEC) to support the Service Learning programs at the Overbrook High School.


In 2005, JASTECH applied for and received an EPA - Clean Water Act grant to convert the OEEC curriculum into an educational stormwater best management practices (BMP) demonstration site in West Philadelphia. The OEEC site was a former Brownfields, conceived as a neighborhood-based learning center where area students “learn-by-doing”. This site is now the Overbrook Environmental Education Center’s educational campus at 6134 Lancaster Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19151



The OEEC was uniquely designed to provide training and to create a demonstration site of stormwater BMPs in an inner-city setting. The center collects the majority of its stormwater on-site using pervious pavers and asphalt, bio-retention basins, swales, flow-through planters, orchards and a high tunnel/greenhouse.


To date, the OEEC has taught thousands of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM), and Career Technical Education (CTE) focused students on the Clean Water Act, Toxic Substances Control Act, and the essentials of environmental education and energy systems. The OEEC has also provided thousands of adults with community-based education and training for community members on nutrition, urban agriculture, fitness and environmental safety.

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